About the Author

Who is Martha Walker?

Headshot of Martha Walker on a black background
Photo Credit: Ann Rosen

By the time I was 11 years old, my family relocated eight times. I grew up learning and re-learning what it meant to be an outsider. Although I faced my share of challenges, the good news was that my experiences raised my compassion and sympathy for the “underdog”. Additionally, some of these transitions were to remote environments where I developed a life-long appreciation for nature and wildlife.

I have undergraduate and graduate degrees from Pratt Institute in Sculpture and Drawing. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Art in 1975, and my Master’s 26 years later. In the interim, I put my creative energies on the back burner in order to pursue a “practical” career in sales and marketing. I also married and I raised two children.

After completing my Master’s Degree, I set up a studio, and created a body of work, comprised primarily of abstract welded steel sculpture. In addition to private collections, my work can be seen in a couple of Museums, several parks and public places, and on the sets of some well-known TV shows and films. In addition, I was a member of a respected Manhattan gallery for several years.

In 2018, I was diagnosed with a compressed disc in my neck that caused numbness in my dominant hand exacerbated by years of using an industrial-sized welding torch, and I was advised to stop welding or risk more severe nerve damage. I regrouped and reflected before returning to my first love, Drawing, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that in fact, returning to Pen and Ink was like running into a dear old friend.

In 2019, as I observed the vitriol of the Presidential election, I became compelled to write a story for children that might shine a beacon of light into the darkness of discrimination and hate. And so, the story of "Joey and Ember" became my vehicle. It is my small contribution.

View illustrations inspired by the book or my sculpture work!