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Pen & Ink
Pen & Ink with Graphite
"The Den"

Joey's Home


A Falcon swooped down
taking him far from his home

"Joey Cried Bitterly"

He cried through the night.
The forest was dark,
and he shivered with fright.

"There Were Clouds of Black Smoke"

There were clouds of black smoke.
The air became hot,
and they started to choke.

"A Powerful Wind Sent Ember Tumbling Out"

Ember heard her mom shout
When a powerful wind
sent her tumbling out.

"In a Strange Dark Wood"

"First Impression"

Ember crawled closer
for a better look.
“Please don’t hurt me.”
Joey begged as his whole body shook.

"New Friendship"

Joey’s heart became warm.
He licked Ember, saying,
“I’ll protect you from harm.”

"Special Delivery"

"Rock-a-Bye Baby"

Ember’s Home


The new friends each
shared their sad tales
Of losing their families,
and they started to wail.

"The Stalker"

"Joyous Journey"

We can do this together!
Come ride on my head.
You’re as light as a feather.

"New Friends"

"The Rescue"

"Joey’s Dilemma"

"Scaring Off The Bullies"

"A Grim Discovery"

"The Grasshopper"

"The Homecoming"

His heart bursting with joy,
“I’m here!” Joey shouted.
It’s me, Mom! Your boy!”

"Happy Ending"

Ember was safe
in the cozy Fox den.
She would always belong,
never lonely again.