Joey and Ember

New Friendship

Joey and Ember: Written and Illustrated by Martha Walker

An idyllic scenario in the world of a baby Fox (Joey), quickly morphs into a gripping adventure when he is captured by a Falcon, and then escapes, undergoing a harrowing fall from the sky. Now lost and injured, he is alone in the darkening woods. He makes the acquaintance of a young orphaned Bat (Ember), with her own terrifying history. Initially, they are frightened of one another, but over time, a deep friendship blossoms between these two very different animals, borne out of what they have in common.

The underlying allegorical message about diversity and inclusion is uplifting, and inspiring. The theme emerges subtly and gently, stirring compassion while remaining relatable even to the youngest of audiences. The following exchange sends this message during a seminal moment:

...But you trembled.” Ember said, her eyes filling with tears.
“It’s true.” Joey admitted. “WAS full of fear.”
“I was foolish.” Joey admitted, wrapping Ember in his tail.
“Because you were different, my good sense simply failed”
“Is different bad?” Ember asked, still looking blue.
“No. I learned that it’s GREAT on the day I met you.

In the end, Joey is reunited with his loved ones. The Foxes are thrilled to see him, and extremely grateful to Ember for her help, and they tenderly ask her to join their family. Ember finally belongs again.

Additionally, the rich pen and ink illustrations are compelling and striking. These highly detailed drawings personify the characters while conveying a sense of realism.

Joey and Ember

A Tale Told in Pictures and Rhyme
by Martha Walker