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Synopsis of Joey and Ember, or How to Fix the World By Martha Walker

An idyllic scenario in the world of a spunky baby Fox (Joey), quickly morphs into a gripping adventure where he is captured by a Falcon, and escapes by undergoing a harrowing fall from the sky leaving him far from home. He makes the acquaintance of a young orphaned Bat (Ember). Over time, a deep friendship blossoms between these two very different animals, borne out of what they have in common.

The underlying allegorical message about diversity and inclusion is meaningful, uplifting, and inspiring. The theme emerges subtly in gentle moments, that stir compassion while remaining relatable to young readers thanks to a comical and adventure-filled story line.

Additionally, the rich pen and ink illustrations are compelling and striking. These highly detailed drawings are heart-warming and expressive, personifying the characters while conveying a sense of realism.

DDuring their travels, Joey and Ember befriend an Owl and a Raccoon. In a private moment with the Owl, Joey shamefully admits that he disliked and feared Ember when he met her simply because she was different. The Owl takes Joey under his wing (literally) and makes a critical proclamation (in Owl speak) that ends with the following statement:

When we let go of oooooour fear, we can see that what we have in common is what trooooouly matters, and not the things that make us different. If we can dooooo that, maybe we can fix the woooorld, just a little bit.”
(Thus, the subtitle of the book.)

To learn more about what becomes of Joey and Ember...

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7 - 10

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